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With a wide range of machinery available and an advanced wealth of technical experience within the Development Team, Dale are well versed in the design and engineering of a fabric or garment and we use the most appropriate materials to meet the specific performance target level.

We often make products designed to solve a specific problem. A recent example of such a development is a protective smock to be worn over the radiation protection suits of workers using plasma cutting torches to dismantle nuclear power stations. The workers' anti radiation suits were regularly being damaged by splash from the cutting torches, making them ineffective. The suit, made from flame retardant fabric resistant to metal splash and with flame retardant fastenings, has solved the problem.

Our range of Chieftain® garments originated from a single design requirement of our major customers, Pilkingtons' Glass, namely to produce a sweatshirt of a comfortable weight for daily use by all employees that could meet standard EN388: 6.2 blade cut level 5 (the highest level). To meet this requirement Dale Techniche had to design both yarn and fabric to produce what is today a very successful product with a cut resistance well in excess of that needed to meet the original design target. Since the introduction of Chieftain® garments claims and loss of time through cuts in Pilkingtons' has been reduced from the major cause to a distant third place in the list of reasons for claims/time lost:

"To further reduce the rate of injuries, Pilkington is looking to develop a new range of full body protection incorporating DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre. Through inter-company co-operation between DuPont Personal Protection, the health and safety personnel at Pilkington and Dale Techniche, an innovative fabric producer, new Chieftain™ sweatshirts and Chieftain™ jackets incorporating Kevlar® fibre have been developed. The garments combine comfort, light weight and the highest level (Level 5) of cut resistance for increased body protection. Chieftain™ sweatshirts and jackets are now on extended trials at many Pilkington sites in the UK....
Dave Donkin and David Ash, UK Health and Safety Managers at Pilkington.

In addition to the range of garments illustrated on the anti slash garment page Chieftain® fabrics have recently been used in speciality balaclavas and neck protectors.

Other recent specially produced products have been:
- Fully flame retardant paramedic's suits to the customer's specific requirements.
- Flame retardant suits for use by the ushers of the House of Commons during emergency evacuation.
- Flame retardant/heat resistant jackets for use by maintenance workers in areas of high heat exposure.
- FR polo shirt with high visibility top half, reflective stripes and cut resistant sleeves for use in steel works.
- Conventional polo shirt with flame retardant, heat and metal splash resistant sleeves for metallurgical laboratory use.

With our varied range of machinery we are able to produce various styles of narrow tubular fabrics and rib fabrics, many for specific applications, some these fabrics are featured in our "Other Products" page.

Contact us if you think we can help with a specific problem with exposure to flame/heat or contact with sharp edges.

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