Jays Racewear

One of the UK's leading manufacturers of racewear and flightwear clothing. Our FIA specification racing suits and flying suits utilise fabrics made from DuPont™ Nomex® III Brand with 5% DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fibres. Jays Racewear operates a quality system approved to ISO 9001 standard. Dale Techniche, produces high quality protection fabrics giving Jays the ability to design and develop their own fabrics specifically for race suits to combine protection with lighter weight and improved comfort.


Jays Flightwear

Manufacturers of custom protective flight suits for civilian, military, aerospace, paramedics, rescue services, and corporate identity. All flying suits incorporate the latest in manufacturing and fabric technology. Jays flightwear can also supply custom flightsuits for movies, documentaries and television. Jays offer a bespoke embroidery patch service for all jays flightsuits. Over 20 years experience of manufacturing extreme high quality protective clothing for aircrew, race drivers and industry.