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DuPont™ Nomex®

Knitted fabrics

Fabrics made from DuPont™ Nomex® fibres.

Dale Techniche produces interlock, modified interlock, pique and honeycomb styles of fabric from various types of DuPont well known brand of Nomex® flame retardant fibre. Nomex® fibres are inherently flame retardant and do not loose their properties during the life of a garment.

Nomex® fibres are available in 3 main types:

Nomex® Type 450
A version of Nomex® fibre which is normally used undyed in a natural near white colour.

Nomex® 111 (or type 455)
This is a dyeable version which also contains 5% of DuPont™ Kevlar® fibres. The Kevlar® fibres give this version extra strength, particularly after the fabric has been exposed to flame. The natural, undyed version of this fibre has a yellow tint given by the natural colour of the Kevlar® fibre. Our standard colours for fabrics made from this fibre are natural, red, royal blue, black and yellow. Other colours can be produced provided sufficient fabric is ordered to meet a commercial dye lot. Please contact us for details.

Nomex® Comfort
This is a blend of finer Nomex® fibres with 5% of Kevlar® fibre to give improved fabric handle. 2% of DuPont P140 antistatic fibre is also included to prevent the build up of static electricity in the fabric discharges of which can cause sparks that could potentially ignite an explosive gas/air mixtures in hazardous situations. The presence P140 fibre enables fabrics produced from this blend to meet standard EN1149. Our standard colour for this material is navy blue, other colours can be produced provided sufficient fabric is ordered to meet a commerical dye lot.

Dale Techniche also produces bonded fabrics from our light and heavier interlock fabrics primarily for use in flame retardant gloves. Dale Techniche produce a medium weight interlock fabric, quality KV2200 from this blend in a standard navy blue shade. Other colours are available subject to a minimum order of 1500 metres.

Proban® is a very durable chemical flame retardant treatment produced by Rhodia SA and applied to cotton fabrics during the dyeing and finishing process. Our standard colours are optic white and navy blue, these fabrics can be dyed to a wide of shades, for example Royal Blue (illustrated above), provided that the order is 500 metres or more. Contact us for further details.

Protex®/Cotton Fabrics.
Protex® is a modified acrylic fibre with inherent flame retardant properties produced by Kaneka Corporation. Fabrics produced from this fibre still retain flame retardant properties which conform to EN531 A and EN533 level 3 when Protex® fibre is blended with 40% cotton. The inclusion of cotton improves the handle and comfort of the fabric. Dale Techniche produces medium weight interlock and pique fabrics from this material. Standard colours are natural and navy blue, other colours are available with a minimum order quantity of 300 metres.

Nomex ripstop Nomex plain Proban Nomex heavyweight paramedic

Woven Material

Woven flame resistant material

Quality M5545
A plain weave, ecru fabric for pocketing, lining and similar applications in flame retardant garments, made from 100% JMB type Kanecaron® fibre. Fabric width 150 cm. fabric weight 220 g/m2.

Quality NP230
A plain weave, 180 g/m2 Proban® treated cotton fabric coated on one side with FR neoprene for use as an anti wicking fabric and similar applications. Total fabric weight 320 g/m2, fabric width 150cm, colour dark grey.

A light weight woven fabric made from Kevlar® fibres coated on both sides with FR neoprene to give an impermeable, flame retardant and high strength fabric for anti wicking and similar applications. Total fabric weight 450 g/m2, fabric width 150cm, colour dark grey.


Cuffing Fabrics

A range of small diameter knitted stretch cuff fabrics for use on flame retardant, anti slash and other garments. Similar styles are available in Acrylic and Polyester for use on Non-FR garments.

Long johns LXC430 Nomex Top Boxer Shorts RXC 431 SN440 Socks
DuPont™ Nomex®


Short or long sleeve vests with polo, crew or V neck.

Polo Shirts, Long Johns, Boxer shorts Flame Retardant Garments - Underwear, Shirts & Balaclavas.

For wearing under main protective garments.
Made from knitted Nomex® fibres, Kermel®/FR Viscose, Protex®/Cotton and Kevlar® fibres. The range is CE Marked to EN533 but all fabrics have also been tested to EN531. Garments made from Nomex® fibres are available in natural, red, royal blue and yellow shades. Kermel®/FR Viscose is stocked in Navy blue and Protex®/Cotton in black, these two fabric types can be made in other colours provided that volume is sufficient.

For general use.
Made from knitted pique fabrics using Nomex® Comfort fibres, Kermel®/FR Viscose, Protex®/Cotton, Proban® treated cotton fabrics and Kevlar® fibres.

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Balaclavas, Neck Protection, Hats, Hoods and Socks

Polo Shirts, Long Johns, Boxer shorts Flame Retardant Garments - Underwear, Shirts & Balaclavas.

A wide range of balaclava and hood styles for wearing under main protective headgear or for anti flash purposes is available. Over 40 different styles are available for industrial, sport and military uses, please contact us with your requirements. These items are made from Nomex® fibres, Kermel®/FR Viscose, and Protex®/Cotton knitted fabrics. A few types are illustrated below, the main styles include standard styles covering head and neck with, made with one or two layers of fabric with open face or two eyed fronts. FIA approved styles with 2 layer front, and flash hoods of various types for industrial and military use. Neck protectors are also available. Children's styles are also available. All fabrics have been tested to EN531 and EN533. Neck protectors and children's styles are also available.

* DuPont™, Nomex® and Kevlar® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.